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Ferrous Scrap Data Book (2016)

The book comprises 2 sections. The first section is full of commentary about the current state of the Japanese steel industry, and the second section comprises data relating to the steel industry spanning a period of more than 50 years. It's the perfect data book for coming to grips with the trends in the ferrous scrap market. The latest list of those who have large equipments to process ferrous scrap is included.

Published : April 2016
Size : A5 (380 pages)
Price : \3,500(The carriage and TAX are NOT included.)

Scrap Metal Illustrated(revised edition)

The only illustrated book of scrap metal in the world. It covers 300 types of product, each of which is shown in a clear colour photograph. For each product, information is provided as to its likely origin, its special characteristics and the procedure for preparing it for recycling. Colour photographs of radioactive and other potentially dangerous products are included.
Written in both Japanese and English.

Published : March 2009
Size : (173x105mm) 220 pages
Price : \3,500(The carriage and TAX are NOT included.)


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